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In this session you will be able to observe several questions and answers that our clients normally consult, if you have any other questions you can call us at our number: +1 (786) 973-1046

  • What can I bring from abroad?
    Clothing, accessories, electronics, spare parts for cars and everything that is not prohibited by the General Resolution of AFIP.
  • What is the maximum purchase value allowed?
    Up to $1,000 per shipment per person, as long as you do not exceed 50kg. It would be $5,000 per calendar year, divided into 5 shipments.
  • Can I send more than one purchase package?
    Sure. It is what is called consolidating a shipment. If, for example, you bought 5 packages on different sites and you want to send them together, you simply mark them on the platform and make them leave together. As long as you do not exceed $1,000 in value or 50kg.
  • How much is the shipping?
    The cost of shipping your purchase abroad depends on the volume of the cargo, and the type of merchandise.
  • It is safe?
    Yes. Unlike mail, your shipment is permanently followed by Consol Trade personnel and you can have a status of the package. You can also take out insurance for your shipment.
  • How long does it take for my purchase to arrive?
    Shipping can take between 24 and 72 hours. depending on the urgency you have. This is a differential, since via public post (the shipping offered by most stores) it usually takes at least 20 days and a maximum of a month and a half.
  • Do I have to do Customs or AFIP procedures?
    We do most of the paperwork for you. The only thing you have to do. Once your shipment is received, electronically notify the afip. This is required, whichever email you choose. Resolution 3916 establishes that the consignee must electronically notify the AFIP within 30 days of receiving the shipment. (You need a level 3 tax code to do it). Form 4550 that was in force to declare purchases online was rendered null and void. How do I obtain an AFIP Level 3 Tax Code? You can see the AFIP site at this link:
  • What happens if my package is brought to me when I am not there?
    We will come back and leave you a notification so you can contact us and coordinate the delivery of your package.
  • Does the merchandise have insurance?
    The merchandise, from its collection or reception at origin until its delivery at the destination indicated by the client, is under the responsibility of the service taker. The company is not responsible for any damage, robbery or theft of it.
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